Here is where you can find my official headshot and bio. If I’m coming to speak at your conference or user group, or you need my photo and bio for any other reason, please use the assets below.

Lee Brimelow is a developer evangelist at Adobe who is currently focusing on web standards, with a particular interest on JavaScript and CSS. He also continues to work with the Flash community and is working on trying to help developers adapt their skills to the new world of HTML5. He has worked in the past for companies such as AOL, Netscape, frog design, and eBay. He runs the highly popular video tutorial site at and writes a blog dedicated to interactive technology at

The Unofficial Bio
Here is the synopsis.I was born in the UK in 1973 and have an older brother named Chris. We moved to Rhode Island when I was four. Kids teased me about my accent so I lost it. Now I wish I had it back. I was damn good at soccer when growing up and mediocre at baseball. In my teens I started skateboarding and was straight-edge. Now, not so straight-edge. After high school I moved to Jackson Hole to be a ski bum. I tore my ACL towards the end of the season and started taking photos and video for snowboarding magazines. I worked for a few seasons as a filmer for Mack Dawg Productions. Snowboarders smoke too much weed so I moved to the Bay Area and became a security guard at HP. Can I see your badge sir? I tried community college but it was too boring. I also worked as a security guard at Intel and Applied Materials. During this time I started doing Photoshop and HTML for fun. It was the dot-com boom so I quickly landed a job doing HTML at based on a fake portfolio of sites. Hey I knew my stuff so who cares. From there I landed a job doing HTML and JavaScript at AOL/Netscape in Mt View. During this time I became father to my wonderful son Ethan. He has autism but is doing really well and is now almost as tall as me! He is a gaming fanatic so I use him a lot for research. After two years of hardcore JS work at AOL I became disillusioned with web development. Following a short stint at eBay I moved to Stanford University for my first real Flash job making animations for the medical school. While attending a Flash Forward conference in San Francisco I came up with the idea for a free video tutorial site and thus, the idea for gotoAndLearn() was born. A year later I won the Flash Forward award in the education category. I left Stanford to take a job at frog design in Palo Alto. They designed the first Macintosh computer. I did lots of interesting work there that I can’t talk about. Adobe hired frog to design and build the onAIR bus tour site. Mike invited me along on leg 1 of the tour. By leg 3 I was an Adobe employee. There is no better job in the world for me. I continue to live in the Bay Area with Ethan and my beautiful wife Giovanna. I work out religiously but the belly still lingers. I’m a rabid SF Giants and 49’ers fan as well. That’s the latest.