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Adobe AIR 2.7 is Now Available!

Update: there is not yet tooling support for AIR 2.7 but it will be coming soon. Until then you can compile via the command line.

I know you’ve been hearing a lot about AIR 2.7 lately, particularly surrounding the increased performance on iOS. Well I’m happy to report that it is now available for everyone to use. I will be doing a short tutorial tonight explaining how to get it setup. Until then, check out this video from Renaun showing the improved iOS performance.

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  1. @Michal Wroblewski – I’m loading images with loader.loadBytes, but the note on the bug doesn’t specify if it’s just an issue when loading SWF content that executes code or not. Not had chance to try it on device yet, hopefully it will work ok :)

  2. There is a workaround to publish iOS apps with 2.7 and Flash Pro CS5.5.

    1) Download the 2.7 SDK.
    2) Then navigate to the AIR2.6 folder under the Flash Professional CS5.5 install folder.
    3) Rename the existing folder so you can revert.
    4) Create a new folder with the ‘AIR2.6’ name.
    5) Copy the 2.7 sdk contents to the folder.
    6) When you publish you’ll be using the new version.

  3. Does anyone know which ios devices are supported by Air 2.7?
    For example: can we build apps for ipod touch 2nd and 3rd generation?

    I can’t seem to find info about this….

  4. I’d like to see an example of the setup for Flash Pro 5.5 too. Following Ben’s instructions I don’t see any performance boost against 2.6. Hopefully I’m doing something wrong.

  5. Can I develop iOS application using Flash Builder 4.5 & Flex 4.5 (Flex Mobil Project) template to take advantage of IDE then package the application later using command line or any other tools?

  6. I’m not sure if this causes problems anywhere… but it allows me to have 2.6 still in the dropdown.

    1. Download AIR 2.7 SDK
    2. Unzip, etc. Rename to AIR2.7
    3. Copy/Move to Flash Pro install folder (alongside AIR2.6)
    4. Go to /Common/Configuration/Players/
    5. Make a copy of AdobeAIR2_6.xml and rename to AdobeAIR2_7.xml
    6. Find & Replace all 2.6 to 2.7, 2_6 to 2_7
    7. Go to /AIR2.7/frameworks/libs/air/
    8. Copy airglobal.swc
    9. Go to /Common/Configuration/Actionscript 3.0
    10. Make a new folder, AIR2.7
    11. Paste the airglobal.swc into this folder

    Open Flash, Air docs should default to Air 2.7. It targets the AIR2.7 SDK folder in the main, try renaming that folder and then publish, should throw an error.

    However i’m not sure about the other values in the XML, between 2.5 and 2.6, there are minimal changes so i assume the same for 2.7.

    Let me know.

  7. I’ve recently gotten into working with AIR for mobile development so I’m pretty new to all this. So here’s my quick question: is that scrollable list in the video some sort of component?

    I built my own scrollable list for flicking and all that but that scrollable list looks a lot neater than mine.

    Thanks in advance!

  8. I’m up and running in FDT.

    Pretty complex Box2D game I’m developing, and it runs better on my iPad2 than on my old Powerbook. Well done Adobe, now I’m proper excited about Flash again.

    With Molehill, this, Unity3D exporter, you guys are on fire.

    Keep up the great work!

  9. Good news: the “Loader.loadBytes fails on iOS” issue doesn’t seem to affect loading images, seems like it’s probably only SWFs (that contain code) that are affected, as in 2.6

  10. Ya we can’t embed swf’s in any form and retain the actionscript, since all swf’s need to be cross compiled.

    If you just need the assets you can package them as a SWC, or even use meta data [Embed] to grab symbols from the swf.

  11. Has anybody else had a massive dip in performance when rendering on the gpu for ios.
    I have been waiting for air 2.7 because of the performance gains but the
    gpu rendering seems to be a lot worse than 2.6.

  12. So what’s the difference between what the PFI (Packager For iPhone) did versus AIR for iOS since they both seem to compile to native byte code? Is there any chance of being able to use AIR for iOS the same way as AIR for Android where you can sub-load in swf’s?

  13. I was able to get my Flash CS5 working with AIR 2.7 SDK via command line compiling, but the problem now is I have an iPod touch 2nd gen, so when I sync the file from itunes, I can’t install the app because it’s not compatible. If I pub using the AIR 2.7 SDK, and submit an app to the app store will Apple ding me for not supporting “older” generations of ipod/iphone?

    If I use the PFI, I can still install on my 2nd gen ipod touch, but of course I don’t get the benefits of the AIR 2.7 SDK. What is the oldest generation the AIR 2.7 SDK will be compatible with?


    BTW, saw you at SDFUG. Great talk.

  14. Same question as Jesse! Is that a flex component he is using to do the scrolling. In my flash CS5.5 app im using a scrollpane and I have to use the scroll bar to get it to scroll.

  15. Gotta love performance boosts! I’ll be using Air for porting some of my flash games over to Android devices, so it’s great to see Adobe adding more performance increases in unison with faster CPU’s in smart phones.