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AS3 Sound Spectrum Contest Results!!

There were so many great entries in this contest and deciding on a winner was hard! After much deliberation and help from the great group of mods at the GTAL forums, I’m officially declaring the winner to be trioptic with his fullscreen masterpeice! It has such a cool feel to it and is kind of like watching a painting melt. I love the soundtrack too! Trioptic will be receiving a 6-month Premium subscription to the Online Training Library.

The runner-up award goes to Deviant1853 for his Viz2 entry. This great entry was also accompanied by a Visualization AS3 class which helped to put it on top. Great work Deviant! Deviant will be receiving a copy of my Flash Professional 8 Video Integration CD-ROM courtesy of

Below is a little Flash app I built which links to all of the entries. Here is the FLA as always. The tooltip displays the name of who created it. Be sure to have Flash Player 9 installed before checking them out!

Thanks everyone!!

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  1. This is way cool. But sigh, when I open your source file for this I get:

    **Error** C:\Documents and Settings\JMartell\Desktop\grid\ Line 42: The class or interface ‘Fuse’ could not be loaded.
    var f:Fuse = new Fuse();

    **Error** C:\Documents and Settings\JMartell\Desktop\grid\ Line 60: The class or interface ‘Fuse’ could not be loaded.
    var f:Fuse = new Fuse();

    Total ActionScript Errors: 2 Reported Errors: 2

  2. I think it will take about a month to sit down and check all of these out as they deserve. :- ) Gorgeous samples for what I’ve seen so far. With those of you who have played with the computeSpectrum goodness, what limitations have you found? Have any of you needed to import third-party libraries to circumvent those issues? I’d particularly be interested in the subject of pitch-modulation with respect to a global sound source. Any tips / advice would be most welcome!

  3. To be quite honest.. not to complain or anything… just think it’s a pity…
    None of theese spectrums work on my computer..

    Im using Firefox 3.0.8, with flash player 10.0 r22.

  4. All are done wonderful job. But specially I like to mention that Chris done a number of stunning visualizations. Really enjoyed Chirs’s work. Really creative.

  5. ok, now this thing does’t work if a youtube player is opetn in another tab or even in another window, “solution” is to put sound spectrum script in a movie clip in stead of on stage. But then the problem is that it reacts on any sound in the browser, for example if I have my web site with my spectrum in one tab it will react on the music coming from the youtube player wich is in another tab.
    BTW don’t delete this post, Lee, just because you’re in love with Adobe.
    Let’s be honest and say that has a fault

  6. I need to do is call the controls of the flvplayback from the main timeline ie outside of the loader that the flvplayback is nested in… When I unload the loader the flv (sound continues to play) whic is no good… Any suggestions?