November 22, 2008

Download Tour de Flex right now!

At Adobe MAX the evangelism team released a new AIR application that is essentially Flex documentation on steroids. Greg Wilson, James Ward, and Christophe Coenraets are the ones responsible for putting this together. I don’t really use the Flex framework that much and even I’m excited about this application. It lets you see live examples of every component and piece of the framework. It also includes a ton of stuff that will be useful to non-Flex coders [...]

November 6, 2008

Click-n-zoom 3D carousel

As I mentioned in my last post, we now have a great z-sorting class thanks to Ralph. Tomorrow I’m planning on recording a tutorial showing how to use it and the example below will be the finished product. This is a basic 3D carousel that allows you to spin it based on mouse position. When you click on an image, you zoom to a close-up of the photo. From there you can click on other images to spin them [...]

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