I’m excited to announce that we now have a Z-sorting class for Flash Player 10. I had mentioned several times that I was having someone who really knows about 3D write this class. Well that person was none other than Ralph Hauwert who is one of the geniuses behind Papervision3D. You can’t get better than that!

I am hosting this class on my Google Code repository so you can download it via Subversion. For those not on SVN you can download a ZIP file of the classes. Using them is extremely easy. You simply call the SimpleZSorter.sortClips() static method and pass in the container clip that holds your 3D objects. This will need to be called repetitively inside an enter frame event if doing animation. Click on the image below to check out a simple carousel example.

For those who want to build something similar to the above example, I plan on doing a tutorial on building it tonight. Please join me in thanking Ralph for writing this for the community!