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Free iOS Game Center ANE now available!

I have talked quite a bit about the great gaming-related native extensions that have been released by Milkman Games. Well now, Richard Lord, a very talented game developer based out of the UK, has released a free and open-source extension that enables you to tap into Game Center on iOS. Big thanks to Richard for creating this free extension. Go on over to GitHub and grab the extension and also check out the source if you’re curious.

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  1. Wow! Great stuff! Thanks so much for all the tutorials on the site, really made it possible to help me finish my game! Any chance of a video tut for how to incorporate this Game Center into the apps?

    Thanks again

  2. Very excited to see Finally Game Center FREE and also open source. I would like to thank developer very much for this work.
    Also I appreciate if you did Mr. Lee video tutorial on how to use it.