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Free Your Mouse – Exclusive Sneak Peek Video!

Update: Thibault just posted this on Twitter regarding right-click control to go along with mouse lock.

When talking to Flash game developers, one Flash Player feature always comes up as a must-have, and that is mouse lock. Below is a sneak peak video of this feature in action in an early development build of the Flash Player. We are trying to get this feature out there to you as soon as possible and it is great to finally see it working. Stay tuned for more details soon!

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    @Andrei: It locks the mouse inside of the flash content. That way you can move the mouse infinitely in any direction and it won’t stop when it hits the edge of the screen. This is a must-have for first-person shooters!

  2. This is awesome! I’m curious though, when not in fullscreen, will it work when the mouse leaves the swf? Will we have to “release” the mouse once it leaves the flash?

  3. Hi Guyllaume,

    The first phase of this feature will be fullscreen only. We designed the spec to allow also embedded scenarios in the future.

    So in the end both scenarios will be supported, but fullscreen will be first, then embedded.

    Right and middle click events though are supported in all scenarios.


  4. Speaking of the mouse – why is it that recently my mouse disappears in EVERY flash player and then i have to shake it furiously to get my cursor back?

  5. Nice technique lee.

    I have 1 thing to point out.
    With uising the matrix to displace the bitmapdata you draw inside the sprite… i always encounter a scroll limit / error when i do LOTS of displacement with the matrix.

    Is there anyway around this ?

    For testing purposes:
    Try to do a tx of 10 and then in a enterframe… and let is scroll for a while…. after a while it will stop and just lock into place >.<

  6. how will this ultimately affect flash sites that use scrollbars? i understand the first iteration will only be relative to fullscreen implementations, but i’m curious to know if it will solve one the major frustrations i have when developing scrolling flash content.

    perhaps you’ve encountered it before, but 100% flash sites often replace the browser’s scrollbars with flash scrollbars, and generally they’re anchored to the right-edge of the window. when dragging the handle of those scrollbars, it’s not uncommon for users to drag the handle slightly outside of the browser window, which in turn stops the content from scrolling (despite the fact that the user still has their mouse down and is trying to interact with the site’s content).

  7. While they’re at it, why not make more keys avaiable when in fullscreen? For FPS it is really nice to use the wasd keys to move around (: