Today I put together a cool demo that features some of the best features of both AIR and Papervision3D. When you download and launch the application you will have a fully interactive 3D browser on your desktop. The browser doesn’t have any chrome and it slowly rotates on its Y axis. You will notice that the Ajax items on work nice and smooth when you roll over them.

When you launch the application you will need to wait until it loads the first page before you see anything. Once it displays you can click on links, type in form fields, and even select and copy text to the clipboard. These things will also work on the back of the browser as it rotates. All this was put together in Flash CS3 and extended an interactive example that John Grden put together. Now of course this application taxes your system’s resources as it is doing a ton of stuff. But this type of thing would be impossible with any other technology and it runs amazingly smooth on my machine. I’ll get the source up in the next couple of days.

Lee :-)