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Great webinar on using ZendAMF with Flash Builder 4

Ok when I say great I may be a little biased because I’m the one who presented it, but nonetheless I think it came out great. The main reason for this is that all of the demos and features worked smoothly without any hiccups. In this one hour session I cover the basics of using the new data features in Flash Builder 4 to install and utilize the ZendAMF library for PHP. The examples show how easy it is now to retrieve and display database content without writing even a single line of code. Go on over and watch it and let me know what you thought of it.


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  1. Thanks Lee. That was definitely what I needed. That day I went out, after setting QuickTime to screen-record the meeting. When I came back I found my flurry screensaver recorded with your voice over talking about ZendAMF and Flash :)

  2. thanks Lee but unfortunately there my bandwidth is slow to watch it live. Please Lee could you give as link to download the video ?

  3. Would love to watch it, each time I go in, I see a quick flash of the slideshow and then Connect Pro restarts and I only hear your voice…no slideshow.

  4. It worked fine (…after I re-started my browser.) The tutorial was informative as an introduction to ZendAMF. As you suggested, a tutorial which goes further into how to take the service into a production environment, would be really helpful. Please do it!

  5. Hi Lee,

    Can you do me a huge favor? Can you tell me/us if there is going to be a proper AIR 2 update for Flash CS4 or does adobe plan on screwing those of us who actually buy their software again the way they screwed me when I owned CS3 and dropped all AIR support for it and made 1.5+ exclusive to CS4? Thanks for any response…

  6. Great tutorial Lee.I used ZendAMF in a flex-shopping cart built with Flex Builder 3 as a plugin in Zend Studio 6,-7 won’t work with FB3-,:The perfect debugging enviroment for Flex/PHP projects,thanks to Mihai Corlan for pointing this out.It was not hard to set it up,but with FB4 this is ridiculously easy.I was disappointed to hear though that FB4 cannot be used as a plugin in Zend Studio 7.

  7. I can’t wait to watch these this afternoon. Thanks for the time that you put into creating such clear video tutorials. I just had hours saved by watching the DemonsterDebugger one a couple of weeks ago(Again).

  8. how does this bootstrap replace the amfphp flex app (browser) Not sure how to set this up on the server? I’m using flex builder 3, and would like to use it with it but not sure how! thanks for the video! I just had a few questions!

  9. lee

    I know you know flash, because I google all my answers and you cant get anywhere without seeing your name.

    I have an issue where I have an input text field that shows the”text” cursor on mouse over …when clicked to add text….nothing happens. It works fine locally. (Its a contact form) On-line its a no go.

    All the other buttons and movie clips work just fine.

    Any ideas.