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  1. I just started using it on a site I’m working on, and yes, it works very well. Same API as Flash and it seems to work with all the stuff you need. Alpha, rotation, positioning, etc. So far, so good!

  2. This is fantastic news – the Greensock tweening libraries are really thoroughly and thoughtfully constructed.

    And also just a lot of fun to use!

    Looking forward to checking out the new JS stuff

  3. I also love the goasap platform. I used to tween PV3D cameras with it and I still use it all the time. I wonder if anyone knows, has Moses Gunesch has ported it to JS.

  4. How interesting. Adobe Flash CS6 just released and your first blog post since then and not even a mention. Flash Professional is dead in the water. All the talk about game development and no new game making tools such as a game engine. So here you are writing about other stuff. Tsk.

  5. I have just made a tutorial on how to recreate Apple elastic product navigation using Greensock. Might be handy to some front-end devs and designers.