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I’m on sabbatical for a month

It has been over 5 years since I started at Adobe and one of the many perks is a one-month, paid sabbatical. WTF is a sabbatical? Good question. Most people treat it like a vacation. Some learn a new skill. Others spend time thinking about what they want to do next in their career.

I know exactly what changes I want to make to my career and this month will be spent preparing a plan for those changes. None of these changes involve leaving Adobe. It’s more about having the ability to make a bigger impact. I will work at Adobe for the rest of my career if I can. They will have to fire me to get rid of me :).

I’m renting a nice house in Taos, New Mexico and will be staying there alone for a couple of weeks. I’m packing up my blender, cinema display, and computer and heading for the desert. I’ll be making a brief stop in Vegas so ping me on Twitter if you want to grab a beer (or more).

I’ll be making a blog post in a couple of days about the progress of Response for Brackets and also drop a tutorial before I leave.

Don’t stop believin’,

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  1. Hi Lee,

    I follow your work and your posts for years, and helped me a lot. I wanna thank you for that! Have a great sabbatical! I dont know if will be in Vegas, but it will be awesome to grab a beer with you one day.

    Thanks for all.
    Best Regards
    Beno (from Brazil)

  2. Where’s that Response for Brackets update!? That is something that will seriously revolutionize the way I work! Thank you for all you do!