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  1. Hi Lee,
    Thanks for great tutorial, this is what I am searching ;). Can you recheck the tutorial source files. it only included framework itself, no project source files. Can you also add source files, becauseI had some problems when creating it to iPad by looking it tutorial. Just blank screen, can’t find where the issue.


  2. I’m notably new to this framework, and in a matter of fact searching for an alternate or more faster way of doing mobile in ActionScript brought me here. I’ve through the tutorial you’ve screened (you can say this is the first introduction to me about Starling and Feather framework) and I loved it immediately. Though I know there are many documentation coming along way, but would appreciate if you can also do some more mobile tutorial videos teaching some more ways in mobile, i.e. form, tabbedViewNavigator etc. Sort of things can really boost up the learning ways.

    Thank you once again.