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Join me at MAX for a full-day of gaming

Yes it’s that time of year again. Actually it’s a different time this year but nonetheless, it’s time to start preparing for Adobe MAX. I’m happy to announce that I’ll be doing a full day pre-conference workshop entitled Building Games with the Adobe Gaming SDK. In it I’ll be covering all of the new tools and frameworks like Starling, Feathers, Away3D, and also profiling with Adobe Scout.

Here is the official description:

Interested in building games? Come to this lab to learn how to develop an ActionScript-based game using Adobe gaming technologies and tools, and start producing highly successful games for both the web and mobile devices.

Lee Brimelow, Gaming Evangelist at Adobe will:

  • Show you how to use the standard Adobe Gaming SDK frameworks (Starling, Feathers, Away3D) and others to allow your games to fully tap into the power of the GPU
  • Demonstrate how to add physics and other popular game features leveraging third party game libraries
  • Guide you through the new features available in FlashPro and FlashBuilder to streamline your development
  • Teach you how to fine-tune your games to achieve maximum performance

Skill level: Beginner

I will also spend some time talking about HTML5 gaming as well. I hope you can come and join me for the day!

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  1. One thing about flash I love is even after 6 years of working with as2 and as3. There seems to always be something new to learn. Forever Skill level: Beginner. My cup is always empty for you Lee, hope to make it there.