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Lightweight code editing with Adobe Brackets

I’m excited that we can finally talk about a new open-source project called Brackets. The objective of Brackets is to create a lightweight, easily-extensible code editor for the web that is built entirely using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The project is still in development but you can checkout the code from GitHub and start playing around with it.

The editor is being created in a very modular way so it is super-extensible. There are already some great extensions like snippets, CSS linting, and CSS prefixing. Now enough jibber-jabber. Check out the video below for an overview of the tool.

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  1. This looks like it could rival Sublime Text as the multiplatform editor of choice. One crucial part is missing though – server side language support. Sure, there’s javascript, but I’m talking more mainstream like PHP and Python to attract a large initial following.

  2. I love the Chrome Developer Tools and to be able to tweak code and css easily in the browser.
    Now editing the actual code instead, like in your demo, does look really nice…
    I’ll give this a try, thanks!

  3. It looks like an amazing tool for HTML integration (clean interface, some really cool features). Browser syncing is the ultimate argument that would make me adopt it, however (like a lot of developers out there I’m guessing) I don’t start a project without my favorite CSS preprocessor. Is there or will there be a way to sync browser with sass or less files ?

  4. @Bruno : “One crucial part is missing though – server side language support”

    If I understand the projet, it will be “easy” (or may be possible) to add others languages support in this editor.

    I imagine Snippets support too for example.

    Great project Adobe !

  5. That is great. Mainly because it works on Mac. Im switching to Mac and Im a big heavy user of FlashDevelop on Windows.. In a shot: I hate FlashBuilder, because, honestly, FB sucks. Too dam slow and heavy. FDT is good, but it is on eclipse too and expensive as well.

    Could it be an option to ActionScript3 code? Could it be possible to make a flash debugger on top of this?

    Sorry for my poor english.


    Pedro Paulo Almeida.

  6. It’s over a year now. Still no Linux support, still no added features. And by the way, the inline-editing is rubbish if you have page fragments, like the ones you use in pretty much any MVC architecture.

  7. Why there is no “open file”

    two same file sets in same sidebar is cumbersome, why do you need “working files” separation. There is no option to have several folders open at the same time anyway.

    I am trying hard to figure out why would I use this software. Can’t find the “edge” yet. nothing spectacular or revolutionary.