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Master Collection dead drop – Amsterdam

Update: This drop has been found.

The latest software drop is now up for grabs in the wonderful city of Amsterdam. I’ve upped the ante on the difficulty this time as there are so many talented Flashers in town at the moment for FITC. The location can be revealed by finding the message embedded into the this image file. This was not done with any existing tool and instead was done by me using some custom ActionScript. This method of hiding messages, known as digital steganography, is a widely used technique for concealing information. The method I used is known as LSB steganography and only the last bit was manipulated in this case. That is all the information you get. The software is for PC but you will be able to exchange for a Mac version if you need to.

Good luck Amsterdam!

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  1. I was not allowed in the hotel and they were not pleased by it… Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut but they were looking at me as if I was some sort of terrorist … So maybe put a message somewhere else…

  2. @kelsolaar Nobody has found it yet! Don’t assume that someone has found it. If you retrieved the message from the image make sure you read it carefully.

  3. Awesome stuff, Lee!

    Would you consider doing a tutorial on digital steganography? I would be very interested in seeing your approach as would my photographer clinets…

  4. I find :

    —[ GPS location (52.370067, 4.896679) – Wall to the left of room 617 – Need UV ]——–

    I’am french and i’am far… Sniff…

  5. I’am shy to say that i search on the net about this algorythm.
    I tryed some tools in strange language.

    I tried a software call WbStego.
    I opened the result on a text editor and by changing the encoding i discovered this peace of text.

    :) Lee

  6. @Cdic Great work. Somebody else in Amsterdam figured it out using a similar tool. I will be posting the tool I created along with the source in the next couple of days.

    Just to clarify, the software has still not been picked up. Also don’t assume that this is the actual location of the software.

  7. @Sander There is no security at all. Just come in and go up the elevator. Marien made the mistake of asking permission.

  8. Lee, i try to make the clairvoyant….
    I’am sure you put an indice on a Reverberi ( sorry for my english )

    I seek as Lycos… grrrr
    Ruse Lee.

  9. I went back with a UV lamp to read the message but maybe i’ve triggered someone at the hotel. Since i was kinda stupid to ask this morning…
    So I think someone from the hotel must have noticed it or something, there’s nothing under the sixth floor ice machine or on any other floor (checked every ice system there was in the hotel). Also not under the cooling system outside (door outside the sixth floor near ice machine) Or did i just miss something? Or maybe it’s already found… It was very fun doing it but i guess i’m not the lucky (or smartest;-) one.
    PS you can leave any cluess out of this message when you post it or maybe not post it at all…