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One Hell of an HTML5 Site

As a long-time Flash guy I have very often been unimpressed by a lot of the interactive HTML5 examples out there. Don’t get me wrong, there has been some nice stuff but they just didn’t usually feel smooth and polished.

Well a new site has launched created by Jongmin Kim and it is one of the best examples I have seen to date. The new site, called Form Follows Function, contains a slick interface that showcases a bunch of his HTML5 experiments. Now it is not surprising that he has a background in Flash. One of the most impressive things is how well these experiments work on iOS devices. I couldn’t however seem to get the site to work on my Galaxy S3, but I am using a custom ROM so that could be why.


For the main site, it was built using CSS transforms and the excellent GreenSock animation library. I have a tutorial on this library if you’re interested.

Go on over and check out this site. You won’t disappointed. Great work Jongmin!

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  1. And there we go again – much respect to Mr Doyle. Great to see stalwarts of the flash community getting the respect they deserve in the wider world. Great stuff.

  2. Not working for me in chrome 25.0.1364.29 dev-m(it loads but i can navigate whole webiste is freezed) and when i try in firefox some examples ask me to use chrome 😛

    • Yeah I’m on Chrome 24 (stable). Some of the stuff uses features not widely implemented yet. But these are just experiments after all :)

  3. Awesome stuff!
    I know about Jongmin Kim from desk.cmiscm.com
    I’ve put my desk in there some time ago. Just noticed that they have an iOS app for that desk collection. It works perfectly!

    Jongmin Kim is my new favorite designer/developer :)

  4. Works well on my Galaxy Nexus using the built-in Chrome (18.something?).

    Jongmin is one of my heroes. Supremely talented, but very humble (and happy!) guy. Very lucky to be working near him.

  5. Works great on iPad 2 really awesome css work. Are we going backwards though? A site better than this could be built by a mid level flash Dev 4 years ago using flash player and it would work on all browsers and hog less cpu. Has the love affair with open source made us blind to the superior experience of some proprietary software. I am sure adobe would agree and apple/google disagree but they are concerned about money and market share so their opinion is skewed, developers and the public just want better interactive experiences from the web and since the disappearance of flash sites we are only finding those experiences in iOS apps and gaming.

  6. Interesting, but it’s doesn’t react to the mouse if you have a Windows 7/8 touchscreen plugged in. The “tap” gesture doesn’t work neither (but it does on my iPad). Conclusion: impossible to open an item with a regular PC touchscreen. A shame!