Updated Version of Response for Brackets

I’m excited to announce (although a little late) that my responsive design extension for Brackets, known as Response, has been updated to work in the latest version of the tool. Now before I go on I have to give the full credit for this update to Chen-Heng Chang. Make sure you give him some love on Twitter (@kidwm). Go on over to his fork of the project to get the code.

He has also made the extension available using the Brackets Extension Manager (thanks @ikwasben):

Brackets Extension Manager

Until I can get his changes merged over you can consider his fork as the official repository for the project for the time being.

There are detailed instructions for how to setup and install the extension in the latest version of Brackets on the repository’s main page. The final step (installing the extension) only has instructions for Windows. For those on a Mac here is the path you need:

~/Library/Application\ Support/Brackets/extensions/user

Important: there are still many bugs remaining so I will be doing an updated video tutorial in the next couple of days. Until then please refer to this video.