I’m sitting at the Seattle airport at the moment but I just wanted to clarify a couple of things about the announcements we made last night. Firstly we announced that we now have a partnership in place with Unity. Our teams working together will make their Flash export feature even better in the future. Big shout out to Ralph and the Unity for their awesome work on it!

The second thing we announced is a new premium feature model for the desktop browser runtime. This model is there to allow Adobe to make revenue from large, web-based Flash games like the ones that we expect to come out of Unity and other tools. Building a real game platform means that we have to be able to make revenue to fund its development. When talking with game companies at GDC, most prefer this model because they are much more confident about deploying to a platform that we are actively making money from.

So in a nutshell this is what the premium features mean. If you create a game that uses Stage3D GPU AND uses the Alchemy opcodes then you will need to get a license key from Adobe. Then if your game makes over $50,000 in revenue, your game will subject to a 9% revenue share that you will pay to Adobe. This does not apply at all to Adobe AIR. So you can use Stage3D and the opcodes as much as you want with no license. I have seen a lot of chatter online basically saying that people will have to pay a cut to Adobe in addition to the cut Apple and Google take. This is completely false. There is NO licensing needed when deploying to mobile.

I know there are a tons of edge cases here surrounding the use of the opcodes and I will be writing more in-depth about them very soon. Read through the two links below to get more details.

Premium features overview
Premium features FAQ