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Quick Tip: Launching new activity from an ANE

I have just started a new video series here on my blog called Quick Tip. Think of it as a shorter, less-professional version of gotoAndLearn. There are often smaller subjects that I would like to share that maybe don’t warrant an official GTAL tutorial.

The first one shows how to launch a new Android activity from a native extension. It builds on the 2-part tutorial that you can find on gotoAndLearn. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks Lee. You’re a superstar!

    Actually, there was nothing wrong with my approach. But I needed your confirmation of that, before I was able to see the the problem. So your quicktip helped me immensely.

    I’d made a silly mistake. I was using your shell script, without understanding what it did or didn’t do.

    I was changing the java source (In a code editor) without rebuilding in Eclipse/Android SDK. I’d assumed that the following line was rebuilding from the source…

    jar cf ./build/ane/Android-ARM/${JAR_NAME} -C ./${NATIVE_FOLDER}/bin .

    … but I was wrong. Hence my changes weren’t updating anything. I was effectively running the same program again and again, expecting new results. Doh!

  2. Hey great tutorial.. I am trying to make native Map extension for android. but i m finding it difficult to make that.can you please provide some guidance with that.

    Thanks in advance :)

  3. i am also Getting error while using inte.putExtra(“layout”, adec.getResourceId(“layout.second”)); Error says:Resourse not found
    and my apk res folder not contain the layout folder
    why is it there is any problem during building ane or apk
    i am using the flex builder 4.6 , windows xp , and adt tool to build the Ane.

    plese reply
    thanks sanjeet

  4. I just suppose i got what is the problem just put the res folder of the
    android lib inside the Android_ARM folder (Folder which contain the
    swf and android lib jar file to build the the ANE for android plateform )
    and then build the ANE after buildeing APK with this you extract the
    content of this and then you will see the res folder will contain the all content.

    sorry for if it is not a proper solution . this work also may be possible with the
    script which we are used to build the ANE.