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Sharing Designs Using the Creative Cloud

Ever since we released the Creative Cloud, it has been a challenge to help people understand what it is all about. I answered some of the most frequently asked questions in a previous post but one of the areas that I didn’t touch on is the advanced sharing capabilities for Adobe filetypes like Photoshop PSD and Illustrator AI files.

In the video above I show an example of sharing a Photoshop PSD file that allows people to toggle on and off individual layers and leave comments on the design. This saves an enormous amount of time for both the designer and the people viewing the files. Many people involved in creative projects, such as project managers, might not even have Photoshop installed and this feature enables them to easily interact with the PSD.

At the end I show how these interactive PSD features work not only on the desktop Creative Cloud site but also on your mobile devices.

I have shared the PSD file so you can check out these features for yourself. Go to this link in either your desktop browser or mobile device to check it out.

Big thanks to the great folks at HD Interactive for providing the PSD file used in the video.

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  1. Would like a photoshop action that could upload this for me.

    Also an option for full size view on mobile devices so I could use this to preview in full size.


  2. Lee… How long until you can share entire folders on the cloud instead of just one item at a time? Is it true they working on something like that? -Thanks!