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  1. Right now you mainly seem to be working on the flash player and the supporting API’s, but will AS itself be developed further? Will we get enums, structs, references, more stl like containers like Vector (Map., List., Queue., etc.), even real templates maybe? Basically my question is, when will we get AS4 and what will be its features? :)

  2. Will there ever be a direct interaction with server-side PHP/Java scripts, without any special frameworks like ZendAMF/AMFPHP?

  3. Hi Brimelow,

    The SWF files are claimed that there is no native protection against decompilers tools out there. Will Adobe has some native solution or technique (like obfuscating or encrypting) in order to protecting the code and assets inside the SWF file?


  4. Which one of the frameworks for Flex/AS so called
    Cairngorm, Flight, MATE, Parsley, PureMVC/HydraMVC, Robotlegs, Spring ActionScript etc. do you prefer or recommend and why.

    Peter from Germany

  5. Well, i got some questions, but the main one are:

    Will adobe intend to release the screen share classes for Adobe Air used for example into connectnow for adobe products share function?

    About databases, it would be possible in a near future to work with databases servers without any server side language?

    And the final one, PDF generation, When will we have native pdf generation capabilities in the flash platform?

    Best Regards,
    Mário Santos.

  6. Well,

    I m little bit confused about the multi touch features of Flash and possibility of Flash Player running on Mobiles so my questions is around that.

    Adobe is working on running Flash Player running on mobile is a vary good effort and Open Screen Project also.

    My Question is that if i make a flex application with flex controls and try to run it in Flash powered device how will it match the events in flex like selectedIndexChange etc.

    If not then will i have to make it using Flash Player Multi touch API is that so or will they support all flex native events. If yes how ?

  7. I’ve noticed that the iPhone apps built with Flash CS5 are significantly larger than the Obj-C built ones. Even for relatively simple looking ones. I understand there’s more that gets bundled in the compile but is this something that will be worked on / optimized for the official release of CS5 or will it just be part of the deal?

  8. Hi Lee, here’s my question.

    Will Adobe release a headless Flash Player (command line) to the public, so we can safely run unit tests in a continuous integration system? Current solutions to this problem are hacky and partial.


  9. Are there any plans to support:

    – importing 3D models directly into the flash IDE as in photoshop CS4 extended?

    – live playback of other video formats such as wmv?

    – a more intelligent shape tweening engine? (better control over the morphing and better performance)

  10. Is Adobe going to release an Android packager for Flash, like they’re doing with the iPhone? Will we see that in CS5, whether 1.0 or an update?

  11. i have 2 questions actually.

    1. Is there any room for speed optimization for as3, i’m disappointed about speed comparison between C++ and AS3 … i know there is many difference between these two langs but AS3 is still very slow i think. The worst part is in the multi dimensional Array/Vector interactions (write, rite) …

    2. I want to know, is will be possible any soon to import or build Wrappers for pure C, C++, Java etc. projects in browser? I mean easly to import these kind of projects in browser with no need to rewrite them in as3.

    I’m sorry for my bad english :)

  12. FDT from PowerFlasher is quite popular if not the most popular in the enterprise sector. Is there a chance that Adobe will make Flash Builder actually more or at least equally powerful as the FDT? Since FDT does WAY a lot more than Flash Builder, despite the fact that it’s not a product of Adobe’s.

  13. HTML5 (check out youtube.com/html5 btw) is gaining traction and more and more content being consumed on mobile devices. As we all know there’s no native support for Flash on the iPhone.

    Do you believe Flash will have the same high penetration rate 5 years from now?

  14. Why did Adobe develop their OSMF/Squiggly/Media Gallery themselves instead of buying/supporting/promoting/asking already existing solutions for this problem? (JWPlayer, GSkinner SPL, many others)

    Will we see better browser integration in future versions of the flash player? (Stability Issues, fast communication with javascript, dom interaction(dom as xml in flash available), … )

    Will we see generics in all of AS3 (not just Vector) ?


  15. Hi Lee,

    I have made your basic augmented reality tutorial. It works fine but know I have my own 3d model and I don’t know how to import it. I have seen you tutorial for that with blender but how can I replace the basic papervision cubes for my collada file? I have tried but I get errors. Do I have to delete some code and ad new lines? Thanks for your help,


  16. In you last UStream video you talked about travels for the next few months and I was wondering what are you planning for London in Feb?

    @00:47:04 http://theflashblog.com/?p=1571

    Anything the public can attend?
    PS: Your new blog is so funny, cracks me up! ESSA PORRA!

    Many thanks,

  17. Hi Lee, my questions:

    – does cs5 have an own way in saving files? will it be possible to open cs5 files in cs4? (like cs3 and 4)
    – Are there any plans to get Flash interacting with SQL-data bases directly, without any PHP or JS?
    – Will it ever be possible in Flash to get events from a joystick or a gamepad? or is it possible today with socket connections (or something like this)?
    – Do you have problems with Apple while publishing your apps on the AppStore? Are the people from Apple happy about flash on their iphone?
    – When is it possible to manually configure the installation settings in AIR? (like instaling extra files in a special folder order, including extra files etc…)
    – Will it ever be possible to import 3d-After-Effects-compositions in Flash and control the camera and light?
    – Will it ever be possible to import vanishing point exchange files in Flash?
    – What are the plans for the next years to improve the connection between all Adobe products?
    – Last but not least: do you don’t want to blab the release-date of cs5?? =)

    greetings from snowy switzerland

  18. Hi Lee!!!
    Congratulations for Flash Camp in Brazil, it was great!

    I have some questions:

    Is realy great CS5 build app to iPhone!

    But for all that I’ve seen you post on the subject and everything I’ve read, I see that will be sorely missed testing tools and debugging tools that come standard with XCode.
    I’m sure that Adobe should already be thinking about something.

    But I have a question that really kills me!

    WHEN the flash player will run natively on iPhone Browser?

    Not to mention applications, just direct access to the web using Flash Player?
    Since the plugin is not a nice word from inside Apple, as Adobe will fix this? WHEN?

  19. 1. AIR for linux is wonderful! ..but will there be any way to compile AIR apps on the platform? There is a third party eclipse plugin, but it only works with html/ajax apps, not flash or flex.

    2. I can publish swfs on linux using the flex SDK (again, this is great) but I’ve kinda gotten used to the idea that the IDE won’t ever be released for linux. Is the cost of losing paying customers to the platform really less than the cost of supporting it? It seems to be a real dichotomy – I can’t use the IDE or publish AIR apps, yet I’m forced to develop flash without paying for any software?!?

    3. There seems to be a lot of focus on other platforms like mobile, will AIR get any of this love? Will we ever be able to publish AIR for xbox and wii, like say Unity can?

    4. Flash is becoming a massive and brilliant gaming platform, what’s Adobe’s long-term strategy for embracing this? Is this even a priority for Adobe?

  20. Hi Lee,

    is there a good way to embed youTube films into my flash/flex site or air application?

    thanks in advance and thank you for the recent answers too !!! helped me a lot.

    c u in a’dam on the FITC, looking forward to your workshop,

  21. The interaction between CS4 production programs After Effects/Premiere Pro/Encore is great, as is (will be) the connection between Flash Builder and the Flash IDE with supprted .FLA projects – will we ever see a closer relationship between Flash and After Effects using the same dynamic link technology?

  22. Will AIR 2.0 address processor usage issues in current apps – TweetDeck usually sits higher, hogging more CPU than actual Adobe programs in my Task Manager’s Processes.

  23. is there any way to make a .xfl into a .fla?

    will cs5 have alot of changes in as?

    do you plan on adding any new api like the graphics api?

  24. Hi Lee,

    Thanks for answering my question last time on Mac mouse wheel support, hopefully this one makes the cut too.

    Q: Will CS5 support custom meta data?

    [Embed] and the flex SDK were added in CS4, so hopefully that’s a good sign. Currently you can’t compile projects using frameworks that rely on meta data (Robot Legs, Parsley) in the IDE, something that is a requirement in various agencies I’ve worked at.

    Many thanks,


  25. Will there be DYNAMIC COLORS within the Flash IDE? This would be a Colorfield which is marked as “dynamic” and any shape using this color could be recolored easiliy just by changing the dynamic color.

  26. Are there any additions planned to Actionscript 3 that would make it a more fully object-oriented language? It’s probably been mentioned before but private constructors and support for the abstract keyword would be nice.

  27. Hi brimelow,

    Why the global sound control scripts like SoundMixer.stopAll(),SoundMixer.computeSpectrum() aren’t working properly for the sounds which are embeded in “TIMELINE”.is there any permanent solutions for this kind of issues or is this problem fixed on the greater version like in flash CS5 beta..?

  28. Hey Lee,

    When can we expect the Flash Player Drawing API to support cubic bezier curves (not just quadratics)? Ideally, this would be implemented in exactly the same way as existing drawing commands with CUBIC_CURVE_TO being added to the GraphicsPathCommand class.


    Andy McDonald
    Centre for Advanced Textiles
    Glasgow School of Art

  29. AS2 had a webservice component for SOAP calls. AS3 – Flash does not, but Flex does. There is an open source 3rd party solution but it is not fully functional.

    With tighter integration between FlashBuilder and Flash IDE, will we be able to cross over some features/components that are typically restricted to one or the other?

    And in this specific example, are there any plans of Flash getting an AS3 webservice component?



  30. I know that with AIR 2.0 that native SSL sockets are going to be part of the API. I haven’t been able to find information regarding if this will also be part of the Flash plugin as well. Do you happen to know?

    I’m currently using a modified version of as3corelib to handle TLS sockets and it’d be great to have it natively built in.

  31. Why no love for passing 5.1 audio content? Web browsing from consoles is growing (For ex., BBCs Flash-driven iPlayer accounts for 10% of all iPlayer viewing! This is more than their mac audience. see link below). Flash support for all those 5.1 connected game consoles should be a no-brainer.

    Also, think movie and internet tv content. Apple’s Quicktime trailers have long supported 5.1 output (AAC). How long before the 5.1 YouTube train leaves the station with Adobe running down the track chasing after it???

    link: http://www.itwriting.com/blog/1776-sonys-flash-advantage-for-playstation-3-vs-xbox-360.html

  32. Another thing about continuous integration, will the Flash IDE support command-line publishing of swf/swc files?

    I’ve managed to make a python/jsfl hack work with ANT but it would be nice to have it native and to not have the IDE pop up every time.

  33. Will the CS5 version of Adobe Media Encoder support keyframe insertion for navigation cue points?

    This is a follow up to the update you included in your earlier post


    “Update: I have confirmed from an internal source that if you create a navigation cue point on an F4V file, it does not add a keyframe into the video file at that point. Until this is fixed I would advice simply using regular H.264 files with AS cue points.”

  34. How to do live p2p video streaming with flash player 10 & stratus?

    Do you know of any tutorial or source code anywhere for doing live p2p video streaming with adobe stratus?

    Will a new version of Flash Media Server eventually replace stratus or will it have the ability to do live p2p video streaming?

  35. Hey Lee,

    Will there be a way to include multiplayer games in iPhone apps that won’t require internet? i.e. connection via bluetooth or wifi network (network won’t have to be connected to internet). Basically a way to connect device to device. Thanks!

  36. 1. Rumors are that Flash CS5 is coming soon and with the current beta version, a simple “hello world” published to the iPhone is about 8 MB. Is Adobe planning to optimize this before allowing thousands of Flash developers to start publishing bloated iPhone apps?

    2. Will we have access to iPhone APIs that will allow us to build multiplayer iPhone games in Flash?


  37. Hi I wanted to get an overview of mobile development with Adobe Flash
    its seems with Flash Player 10.1 things have changed a bit. What is the work flow, the main difference with Flash Light and Adobe Device Central?

    There seems to be a lot of talk about this on blogs and Twitter Aral Balkan has interesting blog post on the subject and so does that made some waves. What are your thoughts on the development process for mobile? And the direction that Adobe is going?


  38. I appreciate the effort of adobe on beeing opensource,expecially in the flash platform world, btw i still have a big limitation of beeing “open”.
    This is my usually workflow: i realize air application with Flash and flashbuilder (so i’m what adobe is used to call a air – flash developer). I realize all the graphic part in flash, and the coding part in flashbuilder. when i’m going to release my software, ppl that don’t have flash professional are unable to open, edit, and recompile the .fla. so it’s kind of beeing open, but with an expensive compiler/editor. Any suggestion? (exept realizing the gui with codeonly).

    Another consideration, that is not at all a question, is the ill-treatment (:D) against the flash developers (compared to the flexers). Looks like the funnies thing and the interesting once are made only for flex (catalyst, inside flashbuilder ant compiling, unit tests, profiling, etc) , (even if it’s just a “framework” ), there are developers like me that don’t want to learn mxml, custom components and so on. Pls, keep this in mind on the future implementation of the flash platform tools and software.

  39. Hi Another question
    Adobe has started for the fist time to get involved with the Gamer community being a long games developer this is great can you give us an over view of Adobe’s plans and what should we look forward to.


  40. Hey Lee,

    – will air get serial communication?

    – will there be a native API for *.pdf in air?
    It’s your own technology, but the integration with the HTMLLoader is a bit a workaround.
    For example zooming a *.pdf without javascript inside the *.pdf…
    I need direct control over the *.pdf – only the commands of the acrobat reader taskbar would be great. Any chance?

    Thanks, -milo

  41. what is the strategy of the flashplayer dev team in the next 12-24 month regarding to flashplayer speed, performance and stability. What will the team do against the upcoming power of javascript + html5 and the better native support for javascript in the browser without an plugin?


  42. There are 2 things concerning Flex I would like to know:

    1.) Is there any chance Ruby will be officially supported as a server language? I know there is RubyAMF and it actually works fine but I’d like to see any official support for this language (who uses PHP nowadays anyway? ;-))

    2.) I don’t want to get into whining but using Fl(ex|ash) Builder is sometimes a pain in the ass since the Eclipse based editor eats up 600 MB of RAM and more and after a couple of hours running you can see the application respond to keystrokes within seconds instead of ms 😉 Why do you use Eclipse as the basis anyway? Is it just because of the cross-platform thing? In my opinion Eclipse is one of the worst IDEs I have ever had to work with… Is there any chance the IDEs going to be less resource-eating?

    Now that I’m writing: thank you very much Lee for the work you do, the tutorials, etc… Hope to meet you in Amsterdam.


  43. Is it possible to save user data / preferences on the iPhone when using an application published from Flash? If yes then how?

  44. What will the make-up of the CS5 product line look like? Will the CS5 versions (i.e. Web, Production, etc) remain the same as CS4? What products specifically will be in each offering? Will Flash Builder be part of any of the CS5 suites?

  45. Any tips on making a Flash app (browser-based Flex, and desktop AIR) that’s capable of interacting with external devices, particularly UPC barcode scanners? Love to build something that takes data coming into the workstation through the scanner’s optics and trigger some nifty events with it. And by nifty, I mean making boring data stuff look really sexy like only Flash can do.

  46. Greetings Lee,

    With Flex 4 Beta and Flash Builder 4 Beta 2, what is the suggested way to display HTML formatted text in applications? Which component? Which method?

    Where can I find documentation on which tags are supported? Whether or not CSS text formatting of the HTML is supported etc … My HTML text is stored in a database and I want to use that same text in the Flex and the HTML versions of the site.

    Thank you.

  47. Hey Lee – love your site!

    1 – Will CS5 finally improve and speed up the interface of Flash Professional? Each version gets slower and slower to start up the program, to open a file, to make changes, ect. CS4 definitely has speed and redraw issues with the interface and is so buggy we’ve rolled back to CS3 in studio as our day to day software.

    2 – Will we finally be able to export good vector illustrations as good AI files with correct color and gradient handling? We often create characters in flash because of the drawing tools, but it’s so hard to get anything out as it still only exports to Illustrator 6 in CMYK! The EPS file will make small paths out of the gradient, which is really irritating.

    3 – Will the “load classes on frame x” functionality in the export dialog start working again? It’s annoying to have to create a shell loader for every project just to preload a file.

    4 – Why on earth do you have to have an FLV playback component in the library in order to use the Video API even if you never use it on stage? Just importing the correct classes won’t work, you have to actually have that component which drives up file size needlessly.

    5 – The built in FLV playback component won’t give you access to any of the netstream connection data, so if something can’t be loaded there is no way to error check for that.

  48. Looking to Flash Player 10.1 features list I could use one famous phrase of even more famous Microsoft CEO and retransformed it to “Mobile! Mobile! Mobile!”. It was clear move towards mobile platform this time. One thing keeps me worried then. If the plan is to keep such a strong multiplatform support is there any room for real serious game development?(Unity3D etc). In last couple of years flash performance has been overtaken by practically every plug-in and non-plug-in available on market, so excuses as technical limitation doesn’t count anymore.So my question is: If flash must be “equal” on every device what are the plans for Flash Player 11 in terms of REAL performance? Is adobe leaving this to other platforms?

  49. Hi Lee

    Why is that when I right click a Flash-movie in Mac OS X, it freezes the image and only the sound plays on? (The movie plays on, once the right click menu is closed again – Synchronous with the sound).
    This does not happen in the Windows version.

  50. What is the way to go about registering/embedding fonts when external swf content is loaded? We have an application that loads external swfs where one uses the [Embed] tag to register fonts at compile time. When this SWF is used, Font.registerFont(ourFontClass) fails with error #1508. Is this an applicationDomain/secuity issue, or something else entirely? Google for once didn’t provide a good answer, so it would be great to have this issue clarified.

    Morten Devold

  51. What is the way to go about registering/embedding fonts when external swf content is loaded? We have an application that loads external swfs where one uses the [Embed] tag to register fonts at compile time. When this SWF is used, Font.registerFont(ourFontClass) fails with error #1508. Is this an applicationDomain/secuity issue, or something else entirely? Google for once didn’t provide a good answer, so it would be great to have this issue clarified.

    Morten Devold

  52. What is your point of view towards googles and vimeos implementation of HTML5 video. Will flash video disapear?

  53. I was wondering whether it would be possible for the EventDispatcher class to have a method “removeAllListeners()”?

    Then you could have objects unregister themselves from listening to events, making it much easier to carry out dispose methods. Currently you have to maintain a reference to the function and event type you want to add or remove as an event listener, which is fine but makes for quite verbose code.

    Just a thought…



  54. Thanks Lee!

    Does CS5 completely solve the Arabic language problems? Could I dynamically load Arabic from xml as easy as English(no character combination errors)?

  55. Hi Lee,

    I’m wondering if there are any plans to make the Illustrator-to-Flash import-process more refined?
    Currently importing even fairly simple Illustrator files into Flash generates a large dump of MovieClips, even though many times the preferred end-result would simply be one single MovieClip object with drawing objects/shapes within it.
    This is particularly true in cases where files containing Illustrator blends are brought into Flash: the resulting horrendous hierarchy of MovieClips is very bloated, convoluted, hard to work with, and ultimately unnecessary.


  56. This is the 3rd time I’ve asked the following unanswered question:

    If you have a non-trivial Flash IDE project with multiple classes, and you compile it twice in a row, the checksum’s do not match.

    For example, create a new Flash AS3 project, import Tweener and animate something across the screen. Compile it once, rename the swf, compile it again, and compare the two swf’s. They will not match.

    There seems to be less differences if you go into Publish settings and turn off Compression and turn off “Include XMP metadata”; however, they still will not match.

    Why is this? Can it be fixed?

  57. Hi Lee,
    Here is a question:
    the american and Canadaian students can use the cs4 student edition in comercial projects and the others can’t, so why is that.
    note: the USA & CANADA are a developed countries…

    thank’s Lee

  58. Why hasn’t there been a lot of coverage of the new physics features in CS5, and how much of it will make it into the product?
    Are you in any position to disclose, or even have any idea (as this isn’t your department), what will be in Soundbooth CS5? I don’t know how much employees hear about the products they aren’t working on.

  59. Is the new physics engine accessible through Actionscript? If so, how does the performance compare to Physics Box2D?

  60. I used your AS3 preloader tutorial and it works great! I was just wondering how I could use that to load all the external swf files, and not just the index?


  61. Hi Lee,

    I’ve got my CS4 Suite on Windows and it was working nicely except some programs like Flash CS4, but when I bought a Mac Mini with Snow Leopard Most of the CS4 Programs are so BUGGY for example, In Illustrator when type text it crashes and the Same in InDesign CS4 but the problem is in Flash (I’m a Flash Developer) it’s so so so BUGGY!!! I can’t import artwork from Illustrator and I always see error messages and so on. I tried to install all the updates for Flash, InDesign and Also Mac OS latest updates and it’s the same!

    Please help me with that.


  62. Hi, Lee.

    Will there ever be a way to protect my content in an SWF file? I mean not only ActionScript code through obfuscation, but also embed images, videos, sounds, etc. All of these can be accessed and used by anyone using simple decompilers.


  63. One about Flex Profiling:

    Why adding a 50kB image (mx.controls.Image) to the application creates a BitmapData instance in the profiler greater than 600kB ?

    thank you!!

  64. In Flash CS4 Pro (10.0.2), I’ve received dozens of those “Flash has unexpectedly quit” crashes, and each time I’ve submitted a crash report to Adobe.

    How many of those crash reports has Adobe received?

    Has Adobe discovered anything from these reports that would be helpful to developers?

    The crash submission dialog has an optional field for the developer’s email address. Has Adobe ever contacted someone who submitted a crash report, or is including this a waste of time?

  65. I’m concerned about the custom UI that’s been slowly taking over the suite, and most notably in CS4. Specifically talking about the Mac, there are some things that make working in Flash CS4 decidedly non-mac-like. For example:

    The splas screen does not need to always be the topmost screen on the entire stack of windows when Flash is launching. Photoshop doesn’t do this, why should Flash? Am I only one who likes to use other applications while Flash is launching?

    The font menu in the property panel is pretty heinous. You can’t type the font name to select a font, you can’t scroll the menu by moving the mouse to the top or bottom of the list, and the scroll wheel doesn’t really work. I mean seriously, did anyone actually use it during testing?

    This might seem like a minor thing, but the new, custom “application frame” removes the ability to command-click the document title and get a popup list of the folders containing the file. A lot of people don’t even know you can do this, but for those of us do, we use this functionality in other apps (Photoshop included) all the time, and it’s really annoying to have this missing in CS4 (it was present in CS3, and probably earlier versions).

    I could go on, but those Are really just example to underpin the question: what are the plans for the CS custom UI? I’m all for custom UIs when they make sense and when they only improve on the standard experience provided by the OS. A custom UI in CS apps makes sense. With Flash, I’m not sure it improves, just shifts.

  66. youtube.com/html5 is upcoming as the questions above already mentioned. This will mean flash penetration will decrease a lot. Many flash developers are afraid of html5 but they still ignore it because of browsers comp-ability. My question is : Why doesn’t google add p2p video stream to youtube’s flash players?

    When I watch a video about animals and someone else is requesting the same video I can upload a part of the video I already streamed to him. Like torrents. Is anyone at adobe having those thoughts?

  67. I can’t help but notice that the anti-flash crowd has been stepping up their battle cries as of late. Example:


    What is Adobe really doing to address performance issues? Is nothing to be done until Apple unlocks that infamous part of their API? I just don’t want to get to the point where plugins like ClickToFlash are included in Safari or Chrome and real, honest Flash developers are buried along side flashing-text-banner creators.

  68. Will the next release of AIR or the Flash Player have Wacom stylus event listeners (pressure, tilt angle, eraser)?

    I’ve already submitted this as a feature request but I’d like to get your thoughts on native support for this popular hardware.

  69. Given the multi-touch patents that Apple have acquired, do you see this being an issue for Google, Microsoft and even Adobe moving into the future?

    Will Air/Flash have native support for the Apple tablet that is likely to be announced?

  70. Do most of the technologies in the Advanced Technology Labs eventually make it into products, or do a lot of them just sit around and get forgotten? Most of the technologies seem pretty cool.

  71. Hi, two quick questions

    1. why are you bundling other software with the download of the flash player?

    2. I know this is an old, boring question that Adobe people hate to answer BUT please, could you explain why it costs almost double to buy Flash CS4 from the Adobe site as a download because Im in Australia rather than the US. It just feels unfair, please dont do this with CS5.

    Finally, just want to say that this is an essential, brilliant, always interesting and entertaining blog – Adobe should being paying you more!

  72. Hello again!)

    What do you think off An open source Flashâ„¢ runtime written in pure JavaScript which plays simple swf’s on Iphone (please take a look at http://wiki.github.com/tobeytailor/gordon/)? Will Adobe support this project?

    Will you mind showing flash Multi touch apps capabilities on ASUS EEE PC T91MT and other Multi touch EEE PCs?

  73. Will we be able to use the mobile version of the Flex framework when Flash Builder is released? Will we also be able to use the mobile version of the framework to build IPhone apps?

    One last question, can you speak on any of the new features of Flash Catalyst since beta 2?


  74. Two questions (One larger question and one smaller question):

    1. It seems that Flash Player is receiving criticism from all sides: its inabiilty to view on the IPhone as well as other mobile devices and on the web, where HTML5 (YouTube) is proposing to display video without using Flash. What do you see as the future of the Flash Player long-term: is there cause for concern ?

    2. Any proposed changes in CS5 to the components (including styling and skinning)?


  75. These questions might be off the scope of flash but I was wondering about the following:

    1. How hard would it be to make a SQL panel, so you directly can see / query your databases? I can’t believe there is none. A bit like someone else asked about an integrated AMFPHP work flow would be nice.

    2. Regarding after effects & flash, since we can work with a diverse list of properties inside flash, how hard would it be to being able to “actionscript” certain filters from after effects. instead of the difficult pixelbender stuff.

  76. Idea:
    Authortime… Pixel Bender Filters.
    Ehh? Ehhh?
    I think that’d be a great feature. Has the Flash team been thinking about this at all, and how easy/hard/practical would it be?
    (I’m fine if this doesn’t make it into the version coming out in three months).

  77. This has already been asked but I really want a clear answer from Adobe.

    HTML5 is gaining momentum, what will be the future for Flash? Will adobe keep on ignoring it, or will Flash be able to deliver contents that HTML5 can not?

  78. Will Adobe hire a professional designer to create the CS5 logo this time? The CS4 logo looked like it went 5 rounds with BJ Penn!

  79. Hi question about the new feature in flash player 10 about uploading images directly in the swf at run time width out a server. When you do so the swf uses a lot of ram (memory) but I doesn’t release it again when finish loading the data. So if you try to make, several uploads it is possible to crash the browser. Is it supposed to use that much ram, and isn’t it suppose to release the ram after use?

    Thanks Allan:-)

  80. Are there any plans on improving performance on non-Windows platforms? And everyone is tired of excuses about APIs. You guys are starting to sound like the Firefox developers telling us there are no memory leaks.

    Fix it and stop adding features until it works. There is no reason HD video should be stuttering on a Core 2 Duo on ANY platform.

    If you don’t have people working for you that can solve performance problems (and it sounds like you don’t), it sounds like it’s time to spend less money on marketing and more money on paying developers.

  81. Hi Lee,

    A few questions:

    – I read the comments above and repeating this question just to emphasis more on it. HTML 5 is certainly getting more attention, and all Flash-haters are gathering and starting to bash Flash again. Feature of Flash is a real concern to us. Please please please, stop adding more cool features into AS3 and the authoring tools, it is already very very cool, enhance the basics please if not “re-write” them again from scratch, make this FlashPlayer super-super-super-fast.

    – Make the transition of a Flash Development to Flex Development easy, somehow (you know what I mean when I say Flash and Flex Development). Right now, Flex is getting all the hype everywhere and Flash Devs are just ignored. At least make more resources available, accessible under adobe umbrella, for a Flash Dev to jump and try Flex development.

    – IMHO, FDT is cool, FlashDevelop is cool, FlashBuilder is the coolest “BUT” it is very expensive. I use FlashDevelop but had installed a trial of both FDT and FlashBuilder and found that FlashBuilder is way
    better than the other two but it is the price tag which is keeping me away from this great tool. Isn’t there any way it can drop a few hundred bucks? :)

    By the way, you are doing a good job with your evangelism. And this JuskAskUs series is great too. Keep it up and running.

  82. Thnx Lee for this blog your doing a great JOB =)

    My comment bellow are aimed at Adobe Systems and I dont mean to blame you sence what Im aiming at is the core of Adobes dev team that build Flash IDE and Flash player, I think there NOT doing there job right !

    I work with flash every day for one of the biggest webfrims in sweden. Every day I wrestling with Flash CS4 IDE and its new ability to constantly crash, these crashes come and go all the time (YES Im running the latest update version of all DRIVES and software patches ).

    As my workflow I run windows at work and mac osx at home and across all OS´s I use flash IDE, and it has become really buggy and slow over the past 3 years.

    I run the lastest hardware with brand new graphics card/cpu in my pc at work and I have the latest imac Quad core at home so there is NO QUESTION ABOUT where the bottle-neck is and that is the FLASH IDE and FLASH PLAYER !

    The last release FLASH CS3 was better all these new features in CS4 have basically brought the UI speed/response into the ground.

    I must agree with earlier comments that ADOBE need to re-write flash IDE from the CORE UP !!! the speed problem in ui operations on both mac and windows are totally unacceptable lag laaaaaaaag !


    And what the HECK is up with flash player ! the thing that amazes me with it is it´s total lack of preformance when you need it !!!

    Why can´t Adobe engineers FIX flash players preformance issues OS WIDE, its 2010 not 1999 people are tired of all the excuses that have been put out there from Adobe blaming everyone else for flash player performance issues.

    If your good OOP AS3 programmer doing everything right and still it runs SLOW why shoulden´t me as a dev (paying CUSTOMER) be angry at the lack of speed/performance and response of Flash IDE/and flash player !

    The only thing a dev should have to do in a project is set

    system.hardwareAccelerate = true; // or it should be DEFUALT !

    After setting this it should accelerate all content inside the swf !

    Freaking make it happen ! work closely with every graphics card vendor there is !!! JUST DO IT !


    Also why is the manual online !!!! put a copy of it offline in the flash install dir, again with key F1 to activate it with a offline search FIELD !!!! Have it auto-update from the online source, as of right now its really hard to find the documentation a dev shouldent have to use google to find it sence google is basiclly Adobe enemy now !

    Over and out from a angry dev !

  83. I found one more question:

    Opening the context menu in complex flash pages or flash pages that create Sound (using Sound.sampleData) can crash the browsers, but at least lets the flash stutter and blocks a lot of firefox (and creates strange sound effects, see inudge.net). Is adobe aware of that? Why is that so? How can programmers prevent that from happening? Will adobe do steps to fix that?

  84. I found one more important question:

    On Flash pages that use heavy graphics or do Sound processing the context Menu sometimes (depending to performance of computer & browser) freezes the Browser total or it takes long time to load. Furthermore the processed sound starts to “stutter”. Is adobe aware of that? Why is that so? What can programmers do to prevent that from happening? Is adobe planning to change the flashplayer to fix that?

  85. What’s up with Flash and ASP.NET? Unless I’m missing something, Adobe isn’t providing any support for Flash to ASP.NET communications. And I’m not talking about Flex here. Since the Web Service component got removed in Flash CS3, my only alternative for Web Services in ASP.NET seems to be open source code like alducente or wellconsidered. And for remoting to ASP.NET applications, my only options seem to be WebORB, Fluorine, etc. Why isn’t Adobe providing any code/product for Flash (pure AS3 project compiled in Flash Authoring Tool) to ASP.NET communications (Web Services AND Remoting)?

  86. Somewhere on the Adobe site says that apps built with CS5 can be sent to app store. Yet CS5 is in private beta still, which has its own NDA which probably says some thing like “You can not acknowledge the fact that you even have a copy of this software.” By stating that an app is built with CS5, does that breech private beta NDA?

  87. Are there any plans for improved rendering control in the flash player? like setting the frame rate to 0 an then calling some kind of DisplayObject.render() method so we can make flash apps that are more optimized for OS X and for Linux, who really suffer with the frame rate, I ask this cause doing this is kind of already possible but would ask fro a very troublesome function that would rise the fps for a brief time.

    Plus I want to know if adobe intends to fix the issue with video playback in the player, it gets slow when the global frame rate is too near 1.

  88. Hi Lee! Thank you for this space 😉

    My question is about FLARManager: is there a way to augment the object’s fidelity to the marker? In Saqoosha Starter Kit I can move the marker everywhere and the model (for example) just follow it exactly, without constant disappearances. In FLARManager I move the marker and (even with the Update function) the model desappear many times.

    Thank you again Lee!

  89. Will you be creating any RSS feeds for theflashblog anytime soon? I visit your site a lot, I’m sure everyone else in the community does too, it’d be a sweet idea, if not, then what about releasing an air application, or better yet, having us come up with our own? Sweet contest idea if you ask me! :)


  90. Ignore if this has been asked (too many questions to read) but why does Apple/Adobe refuse to provide Flash player (mobile web browser) support for the iPhone and now iPad? Does it have anything to do with FLV and H264 competition? This is a deal breaker for me to buy any of these products.

  91. Can I use as2 to create iphone application in Flash CS5. If not, is there any way to deal with it because there are lots of as2 applications I want change for iphone later after CS5’s released.

  92. Been trying flash builder 4 for few days now, and I don’t know if it is jus me or are these spark components adobe put in really missing alot of funcionality mx component had in flex builder 4?

    For example if the content is larger then the actual application in fx3 scrollbars would appear automatically but not in fb4, also the backgroundImage and backgroundAttachment styles for application seems to be missing in fb4.

    These two things bugged me the most past few days, and since my question is no. 129 and probably won’t be answerd, if anyone knows anything contact me please at janez.feldin@gmail.com.

    Have a nice day.

  93. Will CS5 suites have a multi platform licence (i.e. can install it on MacBookPro and Desktop PC) or we are still cavemen?
    Thanks Lee,
    you rock

  94. Lee,

    Nice one for doing this again.

    I’m not sure if this has been asked but i’ll go for it anyway..

    I currently have CS4 Production Premium on the PC and i’m about to buy a MacBook Pro as a portable solution. Do I have to re-purchase CS4 Production Premium to get it on the mac?? Thats a little harsh if we do :(


    Matt / MSFX (Bristol UK)

  95. When will MDI return to Acrobat?
    When will MDI return to Acrobat?
    When will MDI return to Acrobat?
    When will MDI return to Acrobat?
    When will MDI return to Acrobat?
    When will MDI return to Acrobat?
    When will MDI return to Acrobat?
    When will MDI return to Acrobat?
    When will MDI return to Acrobat?
    When will MDI return to Acrobat?

  96. Will adobe ever create it’s own Flash playing Device ?

    Google got their own device, what about Adobe.

    If I am paying so much for their software, they might as well
    come up with their own device.

  97. Hi Lee,

    Just wondering with iPhone app creation support in Flash CS5, will it also come with the standard components that you may find in XCode (like sliders, buttons, etc.) as part of Flash’s component library?

    Would definitely be a time-saver for those of us keen to have a “standard” iPhone look-and-feel to our Flash-built iPhone apps.

  98. How would or how do MouseOver events and keyboard events get implemented on a mobile device (i.e. android, mobile platforms, iPhone/iPad). It seems as these events are key to how most flash applications function (e.g. Vimeo’s hover video controls).

    Would the developer have to target/re-develop for these new platforms?

  99. We’re getting our asses kicked in the social news sites. Adobe’s lost the hearts and minds of the alpha geeks, and doesn’t seem to be doing enough to change this. Why aren’t Adobe developers offering polite, cogent rebuttals to all the Flash-bashing, and technically-beyond-reproach corrections for when people get things wrong?

    I appreciate the blog posts, but you’re preaching to the converted if these posts are languishing at 2 votes on Reddit and Digg. Can’t you guys get in the trenches? Can’t we get a little backup?

  100. Are we allowed to help ourselves to seconds? If so…

    So, why does Flex/Flash Builder for the Mac require a 32 bit Carbon version of Eclipse? I’ve got an installation of Eclipse I’d like to keep using, but I don’t see why I shouldn’t be using the 64-bit Cocoa version, given than I have a kick-butt 8-core Mac Pro at my disposal. Using Carbon just feels…icky. Deliberately using Carbon when I have the option to use Cocoa feel icky, doubly so.

    From a small amount of poking about on the web, I get the sense that Adobe alone (or at least most significantly) is providing the resources to maintain the Carbon version of Eclipse. I can only assume this is to keep it alive so as to continue work with Flash Builder.

    But let’s say I use Eclipse for other things, not just Flex/Flash. Maybe I already have it installed, and am going the Flash Builder plug-in route. When I try to install the plug-in, I get a message saying I can’t, because my Eclipse isn’t 32-bit Carbon. Well, heck. I’d rather not have multiple Eclipse installs. You know? It’s like having to install an instance of TextMate for every language I’d like to work with, and maintain various add-ons in both installations. Or installing iTunes one for every artist. Ok, that’s an extreme analogy (and ironically iTunes is a Carbon app…), but my question is: why is Adobe supporting a dead technology and not embracing the present? At least, that’s what it seems like.

  101. @Marc Permanyer:

    I haven’t tried this, but I hear that if you export a comma-separated value file and put an “xls” extension on it, Excel will open it up as a basic spread sheet. Of course, getting multiple sheets and formulas and formatting and everything is a different matter.

  102. Jeez, I sure hope we’re allowed to help ourselves to seconds.
    Is Flash Player 10.1 going to be out before Flash Player 11? Because there’s only 2 and a half months left until CS5.

  103. Could you please kill AS2? I am tired of having to develop banner ads for flash player 8 and when i can use flash player 9 i have to use AS2. It is old and useless, is it possible to leave off CS5?

  104. hi lee

    is low level access of hardware (like activeX, com port, ftp commands, and system commands) a subject for adobe?
    i really like zinc, its amazing! but it would be much more amazing, if flash can do this directly 😎

    happy flashing

  105. Lee,

    For touchscreen apps with 10.1 how, if at all, will drag events be managed? Can I drag my finger across the screen and flash drag a display object accordingly in real time? Would be neat! :)

  106. Lee,

    Sorry, forgot to add this to the previous…

    Method Overloading – PLEAAAAASE! :(

    I think adobe should promote how flash is no longer that bad for SEO, ie google can index – so many clients still think its really bad for SEO, what is Adobe going to do about this?


    Matt / MSFX (Bristol, UK)

  107. It’s very bad as pdf displaying in HTMLLoader will have to always remain onTop all other component. Or is there any way that a MovieClip or Button instance can be ontop pdf, just as to prevent users from selecting text or mouse click or right click on the pdf document.

    Or anyone can solve this problem pls let me know

  108. Hi!

    Will Adobe release Actionscript 4? And will that make AS3 the same pitt as AS2 became and not backwards compatible w AS3?
    Because then I might give up on this and just do animation framebyframe. Very tough shift after so many years even if I do like AS3 now. Now I like to build on that …

  109. Hi Lee, thanks for taking the time!

    Q: Why is the mxmlc compiler written in Java? Compiling is painfully slow compared to haXe, for example.

    Having tools like OCaml that generate crossplatform _and_ fast compilers, going the Java road is pain!

    BONUS: Please change the name of the Flex SDK compiler. “mxmlc” is confusing as hell, as it also compiles pure AS3 and embeds assets. “Flash Compiler” would make much more sense.


  110. Another question:

    Are the developers of flashplayer aware that multiple inheritance with interfaces does not really work without method overloading?

    InterfaceA { function foo(a: String) }
    InterfaceB{ function foo(a: String, b: int )}
    ClassA implements InterfaceA, InterfaceB // not possible

    If so: Why did they choose this approach anyway without method overloading?

    Are the developers of Flashplayer aware that it is possible with AS2 to develop a pretty well featured AOP system (using __resolve) while it is not possible with AS3 Proxy (no runtime proxing possible, instanceof checks fail)?

  111. I hope I’m still on time, cause this one I REALLY would like to know WHY.

    Why there’re undocumented features out there? I’m talking about this:


    That info should be documented since day one! Makes people’s lives much easier.

    Also would be nice to know who and why decides to filter this info, because it can only come from someone in Adobe.


  112. Will there be more “stroke and dash” options within Flash CS5. I often have trouble importing Illustrator files with complex dashed lines. Thanks!

  113. @fredwhy (number 148) > what a stupid request – I can’t believe you posted something so dumb! you cretin….

    > #
    > fredwhy
    > February 3rd, 2010 | 10:27 am

    > Could you please kill AS2? I am tired of having to develop banner ads > for flash player 8 and when i can use flash player 9 i have to use
    > AS2. It is old and useless, is it possible to leave off CS5?

  114. Time passes, questions come to mind: Certain URL Headers are forbidden to set in the URLRequestHeader class. As far as I understand those are due to Browser limitations. On the other hand it is perfectly possible to implement a own Socketconnection which allows these. So my question is: Are those really browser limitations, and if so: Why didn’t you implement your own request handling?

  115. Hi,
    If i’m making a flash game, and I have 6 different catrgories where you can choose 1 of 3 items in each to make a sequence, is there a way i can make drop-down menus or something and a start button where it will play the specific items [movie clips] in the order you put them in?
    i’m new to flash.

  116. There is pixelation on this flash banner it seems to pop up about 10% of the time. How can I fix it?

    There is pixelation on this flash banner it seems to pop up about 10% of the time. It is not because of the browser my guess is the screen resolution, or other applications that are installed into the browser. The file was made with After Effects. How can I fix it?

    (screen captures of glitch)

    (the website)

  117. I’m somewhat new to flash but really loving it. I’ve been working on a new site and i’m almost done except for one big problem. I have about 12 pages that load up in my index and for some reason page 9 won’t load, it just flies off to the left???? I have no idea what I did??? I’ve spend a week trying to figure this out, I’m almost at the point where I’m gonna have to rebuild the whole thing which is not what I want to do.

    Does anyone know what I might of done wrong??? Please help!

  118. Well, 6 months passed the “just” in “just ask us” feels weird. I hope that you find time to answer at least some of this bunch of interesting questions soon: Anyways: I have one more nice question:

    Twitter doesn’t allow flash clients to access its api’s: http://api.twitter.com/crossdomain.xml this means people have to workaround it using proxies or wait: http://groups.google.com/group/twitter-development-talk/browse_thread/thread/fa7c3f42f85b8d3/147195ea9d4abfc3

    My question go like this: If crossdomains can be faked that easily, Why has it been added to flash player at first place? and if the reason ain’t valid anymore(which I kind of think): Wouldn’t it make sense to just admit its useless and drop it?

    And one small side question: How should the twitter-api crossdomain.xml look like in your opinion?

  119. Hi,

    we have to transfer a big client-server-project to flex (beginning with the client). I read a lot of flex – also about the frameworks like Cairngorm, Mate, Parsley, PureMVC, RobotLegs, Swiz. No I am little bit confused about the possibilities. Therefore my question – is there a list about the pros/cons of these frameworks – what I have to use in which kind of application?

    Thanks in advance.


  120. Hi,
    I am new to flash. I do not know coding and I do not know how to use embedded code in action script 3. I want to make a nice flash banner for a site which contains only text and photos but I want photos to appear with some style and effects like transition effects. What software should I use to make it without using any code/ I can use inbuilt features where preview is available. I have installed flash cs5 pro. If there is some extension which can solve my problem , please suggest.

    Thanks and regards,

  121. For some reason, my SWF file doesn’t work correctly once a one more line of “sInput = searchAndReplace(sInput, “A”, “B”);” is added to a certain number of lines of “sInput = searchAndReplace(sInput, “x”, “y”);”, the SWF file just won’t process anything. I am using a trial version of Flash. Is that the issue? Do you have experience working with the sInput tag?

  122. I remember hearing a while back that you were working on making a mouse lock for AIR ( and potentially flash player ) in the cuter, to enable things like FPS games in flash, with the new stage3D enabling graphics. Since then, it seems to have died. Is there still work on that?