One of the best Silverlight examples is the Hard Rock memorabilia site. This site employs a highly-touted feature of Silverlight 2 called Deep Zoom. The Microsoft hype machine has been in full gear trying to claim that this is something original and that Flash can’t do the same. Uh, sorry wrong.

There has been a lot of this type of stuff in the Flash world for a while. To prove the point, I’ve used Zoomorama to create an example which uses technology similar to the Silverlight stuff. They keep touting the full size of all the photos together which is irrelevant when it comes to this technique because you only load the pieces you need at that moment in time. You could have a million high-res images and it wouldn’t make a difference, other than taking up a ton of hard drive space.

The example below consists of some high-res photos taken from the DEA website. You can scroll wheel, click, and even download the individual photos when you are over them. These are separate photos of different resolutions, just like the Hard Rock site.

So what is cool about the Hard Rock site? I really like the filtering and easing effects that Vertigo employed. But the underlying technology is not new no matter how hard Microsoft tells you it is.