in Actionscript 3

Fake Receipt AIR Application

Here is a fun little AIR application that I made to create fake receipts. Actually I use it to create receipts when I lose the originals. Our new expense system allows us to submit JPEGs of our receipts online. Lots of times I lose small receipts for things like meals or coffee so this does the trick nicely. You simply edit the dynamic text fields and then click Export JPEG to save it to the desktop.

This application could be taken a lot further so feel free to grab the source files and use it as the base for something bigger.

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  1. Hahaha! Nice one Lee! I can see the headlines tomorrow:


    You have some crazy ideas dude. I always enjoy your blog. And you post often!! No more stale RSS feeds like most other development blogs.

    Keep well.

  2. Hi Lee,

    wouldn’t making fake bills be considered illegal?

    You might want to add, that this method is only valid in USA.

    Nice app by the way 😉

  3. Smart choice going with 2 large fries and the big mac. I do love those McDonald’s fries. Lee, I hope you don’t get fired from Adobe for submitting fake expense reports.

  4. You never cease to amaze me. That is a pretty cool idea. It’s funny, I just returned from Florida and I had the same issue. All of the tolls and stuff I could get reimbursed for are either missing or crumbled up. This is very practical actually. Nice job.

  5. Just like chris, I had a Photoshop template set up for this purpose. I’ll have to alter the code for £ not $, but it’s a great little utility that I’ll do my best to have some fun with. :)

  6. I have been looking to harness the same functionality of exporting a JPEG using PHP/C# but this seems to be much for efficient!

    Lee you are an inspiration! And a life saver may I add!

  7. Cool little app Lee. I’d just like to point out that when I view this post at home using Flash Player 10 the AIR install badge just says ‘Loadin…’ and never achieves the ‘Install’ state. At work with Flash 9 it works fine.

  8. Great work. Was a wonderful way for me to make the receipts I have lost to get reimbursed for travel expenses. Works fine for me..

  9. Hi. I am from Belarus, we have no such service, and I think that it will not. It is simply not quite legitimate, I think. Check – this document, at least in our country. The idea of simply wonderful. Cool. (With English translation problems in the Google translator sorry)

  10. Sweet!!! I have an assignment for a class at the Academy of Art University in the MFA program where I need to create a fake receipt as an information deliverable and this popped right up on my first search! You made my job sooo much easier!! Thanks!