Update: I want to give a big welcome to all the new visitors of my blog. I’m not interested in having my blog comments turn into a flame war again. Congratulations again to Machinarium!

Update: Machinarium is now the number one paid app for the iPad and is also the official game of the week. Congratulations guys!

Just yesterday Machinarium launched in the iPad app store and it has taken a meteoric rise up the charts to number one. This Flash game has been around for a while on the web and it has gotten a massive amount of praise. Now thanks to the Adobe AIR, the folks at Amanita Design were able to publish their Flash game to iOS. Few in the technology press have picked up on and correctly reported about this workflow that allows Flash developers to target Apple’s popular iOS devices.

Most people still only think of Flash as the browser plug-in that Apple doesn’t allow in Safari on iOS devices. But being able to create apps and games for iOS is a huge win for Flash developers, for Adobe, and for Apple.

I want to give props to my fellow evangelist Tom Krcha who helped Amanita Design bring this great game onto the market.