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Tutorial on JavaScript Physics with Box2D

I just uploaded part one of a two part series that explains how to setup and use the JavaScript port of Box2D to add physics to your canvas and CreateJS projects. Part 1 covers how to setup your world and add objects to it. Drawing debug data to the canvas is also covered. Part 2 will cover how to integrate Box2D with CreateJS display objects.

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  1. Thanks for this Lee.
    Last summer I dove in head first with JS Box2D. It was a huge challenge to wrap my little brain around, but I managed to figure it out.

    I started using CreateJS, but then Greensock released the GSAP 12 animation library, so I changed gears and used it instead. Besides its incredible performance, it was especially useful when creating a JS and Flash version of my “gravity banner”.

    You can see the result here. Once the intro is done you can smash it around…
    Flash for the IE version and JS for everyone else.