ResponseWell it has been over a year and I wish I could tell you that this feature has been worked on and is being released in an upcoming version of Brackets. Unfortunately it hasn’t been touched much by me or anyone else since I presented it at MAX. I can’t and won’t go into details about the reason for this. If you are looking to get mad at someone, I’ll take it.

But now on to the more promising news. Thibault recently began overseeing all of the web tools, including Brackets. This is great news for all us as he actually knows how to get shit done. We are working on a plan to open-source this extension very soon. On another positive note, this extension is not full of smoke and mirrors. It is limited in it’s current implementation, but it does work. I’m sure with community involvement it can become a very useful tool for developers.

I still believe that the approach of this extension is what most professional web developers want and need when it comes to implementing responsive design. And yes folks, this is an area that requires very good CSS skills and that is why I hesitate to say it is for designers. My early prototype of this was actually a Chrome extension that listened for changes made in the developer tools to create the responsive CSS code.

Stay tuned here for more details,