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Update on Response for Brackets

ResponseWell it has been over a year and I wish I could tell you that this feature has been worked on and is being released in an upcoming version of Brackets. Unfortunately it hasn’t been touched much by me or anyone else since I presented it at MAX. I can’t and won’t go into details about the reason for this. If you are looking to get mad at someone, I’ll take it.

But now on to the more promising news. Thibault recently began overseeing all of the web tools, including Brackets. This is great news for all us as he actually knows how to get shit done. We are working on a plan to open-source this extension very soon. On another positive note, this extension is not full of smoke and mirrors. It is limited in it’s current implementation, but it does work. I’m sure with community involvement it can become a very useful tool for developers.

I still believe that the approach of this extension is what most professional web developers want and need when it comes to implementing responsive design. And yes folks, this is an area that requires very good CSS skills and that is why I hesitate to say it is for designers. My early prototype of this was actually a Chrome extension that listened for changes made in the developer tools to create the responsive CSS code.

Stay tuned here for more details,

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  1. Hello Lee, sorry, I’ve written a comment in your google+ and only after I’ve discovered your personal website and only after this discovery… :-( I’ve discovered that this post do anticipate the reply to my questions… sorry really.

    But what about the Bracket version you have used in that video?

    Anyway, I think you could do a real kindness publishing this news as reply on that youtube page, since there are 95 comments awaiting for one word from you :-)

    And last… “really soon”, how “soon” does it could mean ? 😀


  2. Ive been anxiously anticipating this since the announcement at Max. I cant tell you how many times Ive checked this site, youtube or the brackets blog looking for an update. About six months in of waiting and no word I came to the conclusion that something seems up. I’m guessing that we won’t see something till at least April.

  3. I noticed in the presentation video, because the responsive changes where applied from big screen view to smaller screen views, that the media queries where created with max-width.

    If the edits would have been done in a reverse fashion, using the small screen view as the default view, and making the necessary changes to flow the elements for bigger screens, would that mean min-width media queries would have been used instead?

    Because ideally you want to use a mobile first approach when creating responsive designs.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    I hope this extension will be released soon, and will also be usable for a mobile first development work flow.

  4. oh, well. I love Brackets, but there is always this fear that Adobe will not let it’s collaborators help it outgrow any of it’s products. I’m a developer designer, I like to code but can’t do it without first designing in Illustrator, so this preview window with awesome grid and ruler is really great, adding interactive media queries, even better. Been using Brackets for a year, and it’s all need (+ photoshop & Illustrator) for building websites. You can complement it with the Yeoman and Compass (SASS), so it’s a pretty open environment, and that’s good for Adobe.

  5. I have been waiting for this since the publication of Lee’s YouTube demo, it will be a highly anticipated welcome into the brackets community :) Cannot wait !

  6. You wont get a reply to your question no matter how many times it was asked. The demo given by you should be pulled as it’s obvious why you wont publish it. If you cared about open source you would have at least published what you have and let the community work on it so the obvious conclusion is you sold out to adobe.

    I would delete the youtube post on this subject and that will put it to rest where it belongs.

    • > so the obvious conclusion is you sold out to adobe

      Todd, that’s a horrible thing to say. It makes me think you’ve never had to make a living working for a large company. I’m sure if Lee had any choice in the matter the extension would have been made available long ago.

  7. Seems Lee can’t even be bothered to answer anyone

    If he can’t be bothered then why should we bother with Brackets (there are other tools out there)

    He should NOT have shown a video showing that ‘Responsive’ side as it is NOT available

    What a waste of time.

    Have not removed Brackets as currently it is no better than others out there.

  8. Sounds like stalling.. I don’t think we will ever see this being released. Hopefully some other dedicated team can make a similar, _real_ plug-in.

  9. Just expressing my enthusiasm for this extension! Glad I found this post, and hope to hear more updates soon.

    Perhaps it would be worthwhile updating the description of the YouTube video? Lots of comments there are confused and concerned, and it is still being linked from the homepage of the Brackets project.

  10. “We are working on a plan to open-source this extension very soon.”

    Has very soon happened yet? Not sure if 3 months counts, or if a longer timescale is required. Very excited to see this feature added.