Over the last few days I’ve been checking out TextMate to see how useful it is for Flash development. I can now report that I’ve found the most versatile text editor in existence. There are so many possibilities with this tool simply because it’s so extensible. I plan on eventually doing a tutorial on using it but for now, here are some things that I’ve learned.

The first step is obviously to download the latest version of TextMate. From there you should download the ActionScript 3 bundle which adds a whole host of templates, commands, and snippets that will help you write ActionScript with ease. This blog post has all the details of installing it. After installing the bundle, you can unleash the real power of TextMate by modifying the bundle and adding your own commands and snippets.

I added a command that allows you to hit Cmd-Enter to automatically save your project and switch to Flash to test your movie. This based on a command in the old ActionScript bundle but I have modified it to fit my needs. You can see the details of how to setup it up in the screenshot below.

I highly recommend anyone on OS X to download this editor and check it out as I think I will be doing a lot of my coding in it from now on.