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Video Interview With Mandreel About Molehill

Yesterday I had the pleasure to interview the folks from Mandreel. They converted their popular Wii game called NyxQuest to Molehill in about a week. This was accomplished using their framework that converts C++ and OpenGL games to targets like iOS, WebGL, and now Molehill. Impressive stuff!

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  1. This is simply insane. And scary, because now all those crazy C++ game programmers can go on a rampage in ‘our’ ‘hood :p

    And there will be the flood of ported games. I see the dollars in the commercial eyes.. every game ever developped is going to be get ported and rereleased.

    Exiting times.

  2. Yep – this is really great news but it’s really starting to look like those of us who only know AS3 better get into C++/C# very quickly. The Unity3D announcement only emphasises this.

    Still, this is fantastic for Flash and the online game space. Very exciting.

  3. Great news! :)

    It would be interesting to see the same game running under HTML5 since, as far as I could understand him, they are able to target it as well!?

    Would we see any difference in performance at all?

    In any case – go Flash and keep up the great news coming :)

  4. Guys looks at the pricing .The SDK is far from being “for the masses” .But cool thing anyways.I hope may be in some near future we can see such an engine but an Open Source from the people like Joa Ebert.

  5. Lee

    It believe your next task(s) should be making a number of Molehill video tutorials. Perhaps some low level code along with the use of a simple framework, such as away3D.


  6. It’s great ! Do you know approximatively when (3, 6, 9 months) flash player 11 would be release ? Can’t wait to use it in production !