Below you can watch the video of the new 3D features coming in Flash Player 10. I was genuinely surprised at this announcement and it immediately got me asking questions about it. I have been able to find out the following information:

  • - Adobe did not buy Papervision3D. It is a new engine that is being built by Adobe. It’s unclear if the Papervision3D team is involved in its development. Update: Papervision3D is not involved in this work.
  • - The 3D capabilities are essentially the same as Papervision3D. This type of 3D is commonly known as “Postcards in Space.” As of now there is no support for the collada or shader support though. I’ll need to check into this more to get more details. Update: There are no plans to add these types of features to Astro and PV3D will remain the optimal solution for this.
  • - The new 3D support is hardware-accelerated (see note below) unlike Papervision3D which has no such support. Update: The public demo at MAX was not HW accelerated but the player team is experimenting with ways of making all areas of the player faster. That’s all I can say publicly :).

I will continue to ask around about this and will report anything new that I find out.

Update: I heard from a reliable source that the 3D will be hardware accelerated. Let me dig some more to see if that is correct or not.